July 10, 2013

Comcast Default Router Password

Is an Internet Service Provider from US and this modem is included on my list for default username and password. Comcast has two models WCG200-CC and CG814WG-comcast. Just like regular modem you need a log in to configure the settings. The settings are needed for the modem to authenticate the certain credential will notify the service provider. Here is the username list for Comcast Router

Model WCG200-CC username Comcast password 1234.  CG814WG-comcast just type the password
1234 and the username leave it blank. Two models from Comcast are listed on my documents that contains log in information. Resetting the modem to factory default will restore the settings. Here are the other modem listed on the site for Default Username and password Edimaxx Modem CompUsa 3Com Sagem Draytek 2Wire 

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