August 13, 2013

Opera Mini and Sun Internet

Opera Mini and Sun
A browser that makes your browsing experience faster that before Opera Mini from Sun. You can download it for free at http://m.opera/com. or from Google play or Itunes browsing rate charge will apply. Why surf with Opera Mini? 1. Opera Mini is 6 times faster than your usual browser and can pick among the most affordable iLoads (Sun Internet timed based plans) Here are some FAQ’s for Opera Mini Can I use opera mini on my phone? – You must have a compatible phone with an

Internet Connection when you download Opera Mini How do I install Opera Mini on my Phone? – 2 ways visit the opera website or download it on your computer and transfer and install it on your phone. How can Opera Mini Display webpages as vertical column? Yes, Go to Menu > Settings and choose Mobile view. Can I browse securely with Opera Mini? – Yes, Opera Mini uses secure connections.

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