August 15, 2013

Screen Capture on OS X Print Screen

Screen Capture OS X

I’m a Windows OS user and running a MAC OS X requires me more time to explore the Operating system. One features on Windows that I commonly used is screen capture or print screen. It is a tool to capture the current screen and paste it on MSpaint to modify, edit and save the picture  The first thing that I look for on Mac OSX  is the screen capture and here’s how to capture screen on OS X. The default keyword shortcut  SHIFT + COMMAND + 3 or SHIFT +

COMMAND + 4 to capture a specific  user area on the screen.  Changing the keyboard shortcut keys or combination is possible and here’s how: GO to SYSTEM PREFERENCES> Keyboard and accessing the screenshot settings under the shortcut tab. Just like windows there is no way that you can capture the mouse pointer or cursor unless you use a software or application to do it. How To Screen Capture on OS X

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