August 20, 2013

Save Battery Life for Android

Save Android Battery Life

 A lot of articles regarding saving your battery life for Smartphone and most of the time you need to install application to monitor usage and battery life. Today, I will give you some method that you can try since I’m using an Android phone and always online I can give you some tricks and tips to maximize your battery life. Here it is. Phone that is connected online consume a lot of power 3G, 4G or Wifi. Turn your Wifi 3G network off use it when necessary. Adjust the screen time out to

30-60 seconds, light on the screen can cause power drain the more the brightness of the screen the more power it consume. Make sure to turn the power brightness to 50%. Change the application settings since some of the application wake the device up and connect to the internet. Turn off location reporting, Google application uses location reporting and here’s how to turn it off Go to Location Reporting by opening Maps, tapping Settings/Google Location Settings, and turning off Location. Review your widget since it can use much power or connecting to the net, delete or remove unnecessary widget. Turn off vibrate and GPS. That is the basic settings and configuration on my phone to save battery life for Android and I hope you can share your settings as well. 

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