August 21, 2013

Avast Setup Fatal Error

avast fatal error

Installing a software is just like a breeze (following on screen instruction and clicking on go, next or ok) but when an error comes up that’s the time you need to think what went wrong? Installing or setting up Avast Setup Fatal error. Error Reading product data from “C:\part-setup_ais-fffffff.vpx”.setup cannot continue. That’s the exact message that shows up after initializing the set up. Installing another program might affect the security software and cause it to be
corrupted. Curious on how to resolved the pop up message I quickly uninstall and re install the program but it’s not working. I checked some forums and suggested to run a 3rd party software that will completely uninstall the software. Here’s how. Ccleaner is the name of the software and logging in to safemode is the best option. Using the software I completely uninstall Avast and run some registry check. I reboot the computer and install the software without the AVAST setup fatal error.

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  1. this didn't work for me. The solution that helped me was so anyone with this problem could try this.