August 25, 2013

Ping Command for Globe Tattoo

ping Globe Tattoo

I’m a Globe tattoo user and one of challenge on having  a broadband stick connection Is getting a stable connection. VPN connection have some ping command to manually ping a website. Globe tattoo profile has a basic connection and the speed that my getting on different location is also posted on my blog.  If you want to manually ping a website I will show you how. Open the command prompt and type the following command ping –t (replace

the website to any website you want to ping ex. google)  the –t will continuously ping the website while your connected. If is very helpful to for me since I can monitor my connection. Creating a .bat file will create a shortcut on the following ping command. Here’s how Open a notepad and type the following ping –t @echo then save it as .bat extension. Once save you don’t need to type it all over again just click on the bat  file once connected and command prompt will ping the website. 

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