April 12, 2013

Creating a Facebook Icon on Corel Draw

facebook icon on corel draw
Everybody knows this Icon a clear blue and a letter “F.” Facebook dominates the social networking site with a billion users all over the world. It almost kills your time reading and liking your friends post and sharing viral videos that can reach the other part of the world. Facebook is your personal profile online. It’s an online world to get in touch with friends and families. Today I have created my own Facebook Icon using Corel Draw. Here’s how. Create a new Corel document.

Add an object Rectangle Tool (f6)
corel draw rectangle tool

Using the shape tool curve the edges of the Rectangle tool.
corel draw tutorial shape tool

Color the object with the properties R: 2  G: 0 B: 212. Remove the hairline of the object

corel draw tutorial fill tool

Add another layer for the shining effect. Use transparency tool for the effect. See image below.

corel draw tutorial object toolcorel draw transparency tool tutorial

For the text icon I use Arial font and color it white.
This is my Facebook Icon version using Corel you can also check my previous post like YouTube Icon on Corel Draw Tutorial.
facebook icon corel draw

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