April 13, 2013

Toshiba Satellite U500-18K Shutdown Problem

Toshiba Shutdown problem
Joining a forum regarding Computer hardware and software troubleshooting is fun you can suggest a step that could help the thread starter resolve the issue. This morning I join a thread regarding a Toshiba Satellite Laptop U500-18K shutting down. The laptop is already out of warranty and thread starter  knows how to troubleshoot as he did almost everything on the laptop. Laptop boots up but when it is goes to Windows Loading it automatically shuts down. Here’s what he did on the laptop

1.       Format it with Windows7 and Windows XP– still shutting down on loading
2.       Isolate the HDD and memory – trying the HDD and memory on diff laptops its working
3.       Run diagnostic test and memory test – passed
4.       Check the heatsink and – clean for any dust

According to him  sometimes load to windows but when he open an application or program it shutdown.
Other user suggested that it could be a BIOS setting, update and battery but still getting the same result. 

Here are some suggestion that might work if you’re getting the same issue.

1.       Bios setting ACHI to IDE  - Under Bios change the setting to IDE if windows XP and ACHI if Win7
2.       Bios update and checking the system in SAFEMODE

The step might work on your laptop and before changing any setting make sure your laptop is already out of warranty. It might void the warranty for any hardware or software changes.

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