April 20, 2013

Opera Mini on Your Cherry Mobile Phone

Opera Mini Cherry
Opera browser is  my browsing application for YouTube and forum site it load much faster and I like the interface. Opera Mini browser is the version on mobile for and other can get a free internet with tips and tricks to tweak the settings. Different version of the browser allows you to put settings such as proxy, port and server name. Modifying   the settings allow user to connect to the Internet for free. Service provider like Globe, Smart and Sun has a settings for connecting to the internet. You can have your Opera Mini browser on you r Cherry Mobile phone here’s how:

 Go to Java> Select Java> Select Opera Mini > Select Network Profile
>Select (User Profile, Select SIM to choose what SIM card you want to use, Select which profile you want to use E.g.: Smart GPRS, MyGlobe GPRS, Sun WAP GPRS.)
 Click OK Click Back, then back to menu.

You have now successfully configured your WAP browser using GPRS connection.


  1. how can i modify my settings so i can use free internet?

  2. Is there a trick for free internet for my cherry mobile w7?Im using opera mini 4.4.

  3. so far I don't have moded version of Opera mini but you can check forum sites like symbianize for Opera moded setting and free net.

  4. how could i use this app using cherry E1