April 18, 2013

Hard Drive Icon Using Corel Draw

hard drive Icon on Corel Draw
Hard drive icon is common on every computer  Mac and Windows has its own version and design. Windows C drive is the most common partition on the Windows OS. The version of operating system also update or upgrade its icon from windows XP to tile version of Windows 8. I have my own version of hard drive icon using Corel Draw tutorial and here’s how.

Create a new Corel Draw document. Hard drive
shape is a rectangular figure and using the rectangle tool add this on the document. 
Corel Draw Hard Drive ICon

Using the shape tool shape each edge as shown on the image below.
Corel Draw Hard Drive ICon Shape Tool

Using the shape tool convert the object to curve and make some adjustment use a ruler for a guide. Copy the object and flip it horizontally add another object outside the main object.

Corel Draw Hard Drive ICon Ruler
You can check the finish design of my local drive icon. If you want to learn other basic Corel Tutorial you can check this - Facebook Icon on Corel Draw

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