April 6, 2013

Cheap CCTV for Home and Business

CCTV cheap security
I was walking on my way home when  I saw a man installing a CCTV on his local store. The shop is a small office  supplies and most of the time he is alone. I got curious and asked him how much is the CCTV set up he said that it's  just a regular webcam. He is just using a software called vitamind it is a monitoring software for home and business use. The software detects people and moving objects . The software runs on  Mac and Windows and the set up  is very  easy. A regular webcam can be used and I check the device it’s a Wireless

Network IP Camera from CD-R king price 1,999.00. CCTV setup can be expensive but if you have the knowledge on how to set up this software and webcam you can have a very affordable security at home or business. You can download the software at http://vitamindinc.com/downloads.php

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