April 7, 2013

Cherry Mobile Warranty

Cherry mobile warranty policy
A lot of people complain about certain gadgets quality. They will purchase an affordable gadgets but not sure about the quality. That’s why we have certain warranties for each product. The most affordable phone in the country which is Cherry Mobile has its Warranty Policy and today I will discuss each policy.

Two Categories of in warranty units.
A.      7 days DOA (Dead on Arrival Unit)
For defective units which fall under the “7 Days DOA Warranty Policy” (from the date of

purchase to the 7th day) our dealers are allowed to exchange or replace the unit instantly if
proven to be defective or malfunctioning, provided the casing of the unit has no scratches or hit
marks. In case the units’ casing has scratches or hit marks, replacement will not be considered
but instead the unit will be sent to VCCSI Technical Department for repair.
B.      Beyond 7 Days to One (1) Year Warranty
For the defective units which fall under the “Beyond 7 Days DOA Warranty Policy” (from
date of purchase to one year), dealers need to send the defective unit to VCCSI for repair. If
VCCSI fails to repair the unit, they will have to replace the unit’s PCB board instead.

The warranty explain that if within 7 days replacement can be made and the second part is beyond 7 days to 1 year it is covered for repair. 

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