April 3, 2014

Deep Freeze Password Recovery

Deep Freeze  Password Recovery

Need help on your Deep Freeze installed on your computer? Forgot the password and need to log in to modify something no worries I got a software that will show the password of Deep Freeze. It's called Meltdown a deep freeze recovery tool. A deep freeze is commonly used for Internet cafe business because of it special features to freeze the Operating system to a certain point its available on most OS like Windows, MAC and Linux. 

Deep Freeze Pros

No worries for application crash

You'll never get any virus
All ways keep your system clean
Keep your hard drive space free

Deep Freeze Cons

No update for your computer 
In case of system crash you'll back to scratch 
Forgot the password - Only recovery is the option

I listed some of the pro's and cons of using the software and Deep Freeze is commonly used for Internet cafe. It's helpful for them to maintain the unit. Imagine, 5-10 or more computer and you need to monitor it aside from your cafe timer. Having Deep Freeze installed will keep you no worries if a user mess up the system or put a virus on it. 

A software was developed to melt the Deep Freeze program and its called Meltdown 

The program will surely meltdown the password of your DeepFreeze application. Check the screenshot above and see the result. You can also download the software here. Meltdown Deep Freeze  Password Recovery

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