January 11, 2014

Smart Sat - Satellite-Powered Communication using Shuraya SatSleeve

What is Smart Sat? Or let’s simply say what Satellite communication is? According to Britannica Encyclopedia it is a communication links between various points of the earth. It’s possible to communicate even if no signal or coverage on your area using Satellite. Yes, even your iPhone can get a satellite signal via Smart Sat powered by Smart communication all you need to have is iPhone and Shuraya SatSleeve an adaptor that will power the phone and give you reliable connection even if no network available.
How SmartSat works?
When your iphone is docked on the Shuraya SatSleeve it will serve as a battery back up and you can post news update, send update, receive email, calls and chat all you need to do is download the app free from Apple App store. The Smart Sat is supported by iPhone 5/5s version. You can avail the Smart Sat just reserve the unit starting December 15, 2013 and purchase it on Smart Wireless Center or Smart online. Smart Sat works under Thuraya’s entire coverage network, which spans from Australia to Europe, including Asia, the Middle East, and Africa
Satellite communication is possible now no need to worry about signal or coverage all you need to have is an iPhone and the Shuraya SatSleeve. A very useful communication tool when signal coverage is down. To avail the service just visit the smart website

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