September 7, 2013

Globe Post Paid Application Requirements

I am a Globe postpaid user and before you can apply you need a documents . Certain documents and proof or identity or billing are required and if you don’t have the acceptable required documents Globe will decline the application. Here’s the type of documents for proof of identification. Company ID or Company ID from the top 8000 corporations from the Philippines. Credit Card, Driver License, Postal or Voters ID this wills serve as your proof of Identification and having Credit Card
statement and Company from top 8000 will automatically accept the application. Proof of Billing address and Income are required to check your financial capacity. Latest WR2 or Form 2316 a BIR issue, Utility Bill like Meralco, Water bill as long as the name on the bill is with you. Certificate of Employment and Compensation  
(must be printed out) and Rental lease of contract.
But, what if you don’t have proof of income for Globe Postpaid Application Requirements This happens if you are earning online or having your own business and for this Globe will give you option to Pay 6 Month Service fee in advance. Applying for Globe line is simple once all documents are complete you can go to Online thru Globe Online shop, call the Globe sales hotline at 02-7301010 from 6am to 10pm and visit the nearest Globe Business Center. Having a Globe Post paid plan is easy as one two and three complete all the requirements and wait for the
Globe is labeled as the number one leading in post paid and trying their plan and support keeps me thinking that they are making the name for it. If you have any question and concern about Globe you can visit the main site or support site of Globe. Chat and forum are always online and forum members are willing to help.

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