October 27, 2013

Too Many Pattern Attempts for O+ Android Phone

Android Lock
It’s always been one of major issue and search terms for Android. Too Many Pattern Attempts and it will lock your phone completely. The security feature will definitely give you option to sign in to Google Account to unlock it but what if you’re not connected to the Internet and hard reset is the only option you can think. Is there a way to lock it without losing your data for hard reset.Here is the software that I got lurking around with some forum thread (credit goes to the developer).

Follow the steps below to unlock the secret on how to unlock too many patter attempts. 1. Download the file Android Multi (link are below the post) 2. Install it on your computer 3. Make sure that the driver are successfully installed on the system check device manager to see if the device is detected. (see screenshot 1)  Android ADB Interface should be listed on your device manager. Now Click on Android Multi Tools. To check if the device is detected press number 1. Then select Number 4 to Reset Gmail. It works on tablet that running on Android and if you’re having issue with the Android driver try to update it
Here are other phones that can be resolved by this method: Android Phones like, Samsung Galaxy Y, ARC mobile, Cherry Mobile Phones, MyPhone, CloudFone. Hard reset is the last option for too many pattern attempts.
The screen shot is for O+ phone I try to lock it and unlock it using this method. Pros – no need to wipe the data on your phone just use the simple method and phone will be back to normal. Cons- Downloading and Installing the driver you might encounter issue or problem getting the driver for your phone
Android Multi Tools
Android Multi tools

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