October 24, 2013

What’s The Best Anti-Virus Software for PC?

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I bumped on one of the popular forum thread and one user created a poll and asking What’s The Best Antivirus for PC? Let’s see the result 2077 participant and here are the choices AVAST 30.63% AVIRA 14.16% ESET Nod 35.29% KASPERSKY 19.93%. Eset Nod 32 Is number one as the best security software . Let’s find out user experience and feedback..“I select ESET because it’s easy to get free serial and username and password unlike other.” 

-“I used AVIRA but I preferred Kaspersky Internet Security since it can detect other security threat that other security software cannot detect.  ESET is light it usually start up easy on your computer”
-“ AVIRA very easy to update”
-“AVIRA deleted almost everything on the computer and the sound is very annoying, NORTON will make your computer slow, ESET not all virus can be detected and usually its updating even if you stop the manual update”
-“ESET... Lightest of the bunch, but got issues with its firewall. Avast... easy updating but takes alot of resource”
-“ESET USER since 2004. No hassle, light and effective” -“The free ones are the best in my opinion. I'm using AVG at the moment but I've used Avira in the past. They are both good. I never had any problems with computer virus. You just have to update them regularly. I also use the free version of comodo firewall.”-"Kaspersky tried and tested user friendly and you can share update via USB."
The comments, feedback above are based on user experience  I don’t recommend certain software but based on the poll ESET is top and follow by AVAST. I don’t usually install security software and there are certain ways to keep your computer clean and virus free. On my next post I’ll give you tips and trick to keep your Windows Virus free.

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