October 20, 2013

Who can look up your timeline by name? is Dead : Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy Settings
When it comes to security and privacy issue Facebook user are posting a lot of concern and today the settings "Who can look up your timeline is dead? Dead and settings are all gone. That means anyone can look up on your profile (timeline). People who are trying to look for you on  Facebook search can find you, yes even anonymous people who's trying to stalk you.

How can I still control the privacy on my Facebook post? Your Facebook timeline is so powerful that it can reach across the globe in just one click. Here are

some tips and suggestion to improve your privacy settings.

1. Choose the audience for your
share by creating a group name. Here are my example (Workmate) people on this group are my office mates, friends at the office.Schoolmate are people I've known when I was on my school, college days. Having a group you can control your post being more sensitive when posting "Whats on your mind"  Why the settings are disabled now? The release of Facebook graph might be the behind all the setting changes from Facebook. Facebook introduce Graph Search using this search you can find people who are interesting on you search query.Here are

sample of Search "Playing Guitar"  by having the search result you can create a community or
friends with the same topic or interest that you have.   Facebook ultimately wants people to take greater control over the individual pieces of personal data they share on the site, not just the overall profile but think before you click is applicable on Facebook privacy settings. A GMA Network campaign for posting and using social networking sites. Thinking twice before posting a content and clicking a content make you responsible on all your act online.

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