May 9, 2013

Disk Read Error Occurred CTRL+ALT+DEL

Disk Read Error
It’s a common problem for Windows a black screen containing a message Disk Read Error and pressing Control Alt and Delete will go back to the same page. So, what is happening when Disk boot error shows up is this a hardware problem or hard drive is bad? Lets break it down. Computer loads up do the normal process of booting as we all know it will boot on the disk that contains the operating system to start the Windows or OS. If the software or driver is failing that means your hardware could not detect the drive or corrupted software. Here’s the list that

you need to check for troubleshooting.
Check the drive I mean look for USB drive that is on the computer maybe you have a CD/DVD on the disc.
Check your hard drive on BIOS if its listed run some test. A hard ware test will show a failed hard drive
Last option is to do a recovery if the Windows is successfully installed you’re lucky that it’s a software problem. 

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