May 10, 2013

Take Care of Your Hard Drive

Hard Drive Tips
In my recent post  I show why Computer are getting Disk Read Error and now I found some handy tips to take care of your Hard Drive to avoid error and corrupted files. We all know that hard drive spin it spin thousands of times per minute and imagine if your computer is on 24/7 and it will get heated up or sometimes crash. The RPM on most common hard drive is 7200 rpm it means revolution per minute and taking care or making extra precaution will help the life of your hard drive. Here are some tips that can you can try. Never move your computer or hard

drive when saving files , as I said hard drive spins and it save the data on your disc if you accidentally bump your computer you might get a corrupted files. If your holding a hard drive never touch the green circuit just hold it on the side or edges. The circuit board is sensitive and might cost static electricity that can damage the drive. Mount the drive properly secure the screw on the chassis to have a stable mount. Keep your HDD cool like system fan make sure that HDD are properly ventilated. Power cord and data connectors it much better to tie the cord up to avoid  clutter but make sure that data cable are in good condition. Create at least two partition on your drive making sure that the other one is for files and programs.
Here are some handy tips for your HDD following the simple tips will help increase the life of your HDD.

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