May 14, 2013

HP Webcam Not Detected

HP webcam not detected
I spend almost an hour figuring out this issue a webcam on a laptop computer. It’s an HP laptop computer and the owner  reformat or run a recovery. The first thing I check is the recovery option or HP webcam software the application is not listed and I tried to check the device manager as well and no camera/imaging device. I assume that it’s a driver issue although it should be listed on device manager but downloading the software will prompt you that the camera is not detected. I’m a desktop support and camera is not part of our

troubleshooting process but resolving this is a challenge. No software installed, no imaging device under device manager if it’s a USB cam unplug re plug it on a USB port will show that its detected but it’s a laptop and its build in. Almost checking everything on windows but I almost forgot that BIOS do have options for Webcam loading it to BIOS or F10 and enabled the camera resolved the issue.

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