May 13, 2013

Election Day and Mobile Jammers

Signal Jammers
What is mobile signal jammers? Is this possible for this device to stop the May 13 , 2013 Election?  A mobile jammer is a signal interruption device that can disturb or stop cell phone signal. It can affect the counting because we are using an automated counting machine the PCOS machine rely on signal to transmit the data to the server for counting and using a jammer can delay the transmission and can cause manipulation of the votes. Right now NTC are doing something about people selling signal jammers it is posted on the popular buy and sell

website They are tracking people selling it because it requires permit from NTC. According to the news signal jammers is look like a regular router or sometime is can even fit on your pocket. Make sure to be vigilant and report any incident report about jamming a cellphone signal. 

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