May 15, 2013

Creating an mp3 file Icon on Corel Draw

It’s been a while since I post some Corel Draw Tutorial and now I will create a very simple mp3 file icon. Windows media player has a default icon for mp3 but other player also has a default icon and this post will show you how to customize or create your own mp3 icon. Here’s how:
Create a new Corel Document and most of the mp3 player file use a square icon or folder create an object like on the image below.

 In order to create an effect use a 2 point line to create a fold on the icon Delete the upper portion using the virtual segment eraser.

 Smart Fill tool will color the icon and fold effect for color properties R:179 G:179 B:179
fold color R: 153 G: 53 B:153.Removing the black pixel border will create an emboss effect. A music icon is or note can be added by using the character tool and selecting the Webdings font. Add a small glow effect and change the color to off white. A very simple mp3 label on the file will finalize the icon.

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