May 16, 2013

Your Computer Might be At Risk on Windows XP

XP balloon pop up
It’s been a while when I boot up my Windows Xp desktop computer it still working although minor pop up messages on the screen. I’m using the Windows XP for Corel Drawing and playing basic games because for me Windows XP is the most stable operating system. Playing basic games that don’t need high end graphics card and editing windows file are my expertise. The Computer boots up fast because most of the start up items are disable but a pop up message shows up a balloon below the time and date bar. “Your Computer Might Be At Risk” Automatic Updates is
turned off, Anti Virus Software might not be installed. Okay. It’s not a major problem beside the balloon message explain everything Update is off – Windows need updates to stay protected and updated with their software release if you turn the update off expect that balloon will show up. The best thing that you can do is update security software and keep windows update updated. It will help your system as well.

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