February 10, 2013

Facebook Smileys and Emoticons

Facebook Smiley Icons
When I am browsing my Facebook page and checking my feeds spam and emoticon comments are everywhere. People who are searching or copying some emoticons to test the comments and wants to show the icons like :poop: and other cartoon character
I posted a tutorial on How To Show your Facebook Profilepicture to chat. And right now I am trying to filter my feeds and fan page to make sure that no spammy comments like : poop: and Facebook

smileys will show up. Using the emoticons is fine but it looks like a spam if you just comment a pop icon and if the icon doesn't work you'll going to repeat it until the magic poop shows up. I’m also not into chat but people will bug you by just sending you a nonsense smiley Icon.  I now imagine what other people would like to see on Facebook Chat Icons. Cartoon charters, Anime, the famous Psy Gangnam Style and meme’s. Here are some fantasy Facebook chat Icons I want to see.
NBA star – NBA famous and legendary player by just typing their name face will show up.
Singer Artist and Celebrity – having a conversation and your chat mate doesn’t know the topic or the famous celebrity send an avatar or icon. 

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