February 11, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial: Bluetooth Icon Logo

Corel Draw Tutorial Bluetooth Icon
Since the start of the blog I’ve been creating a Logo in Corel Draw and label it Corel Draw Tutorial. Now I have another Icon a Bluetooth Logo that is a very common connecting devices for Mobile phones and other communication means I have a mobile phone before a Symbian OS which is dead right now and this is the a basic known connection if you want to transfer a file. Latest music or MP3 can be transferred in an instant. Pictures can be shared and the most common issue before are scandals that can spread like a wild fire. Bluetooth connection can

also use to transmit Virus and get into the system. Right now I’ll show you how to create at the Icon on Corel Draw.
 Create a Rectangle Object and using the shape tool create an image as shown below.
Corel Draw Bluetooth Icon

Create a Triangle Object  copy and paste it to form the image below.
The background color is blue R=2 G=58 B=171
Change the  line pixel to 30 and color to White.
Corel Draw Bluetooth Icon logo

The icon is very simple but the technology is very helpful a communication device that can transform and change every device like phone, laptop and tablet. I hope that you learn something on this tutorial. 

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