January 27, 2013

Symbian OS is Dead

Android Kill Symbian
The end of Symbian is expected as new Smartphone and Android are dominating the market. I’m once a Symbian user a Nokia Phone Xpress Music – They dominate the market here in the Philippines and they say that “it’s not a phone if it’s not Nokia” Problems that I encountered having a Symbian OS are when installing games and application its asking for a certificate. I also got a Virus on my Symbian knows the “Cabir”. Symbian is the most popular Smartphone until 2010. I use my phone for free internet using Globe Simcard and only certain

version of the Symbian OS are capable to have a FBT – or Free Browsing Technique. I also got UBT or Unlimited Browsing Technique for my Symbian Phone many crackers or hackers are developing app for Symbian since it’s the most common phone out in the market.
Nokia Revenue
source: wikipedia
 The latest and the last release is called Nokia Belle it much look like an Android interface. Right now Symbian OS is dead  and Android continues to dominate the market. Nokia continues to fall and having a new OS or using Windows Phone for high end flagship like Nokia Lumia. Nokia changing its OS are expecting to gain more after 3 years of revenue loss.

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