January 25, 2013

Creating My Blog Logo - Lintechnology

Lintechnology Logo
Oh I am not an Adobe Photoshop master or a Corel Draw advance user I just love to play around with the program and create my own art. Today I want to give my blog a new look. Okay the blog is hosted on blogspot which is free and planning to get a domain this year. The template is the simplest one and also planning to create a CSS file to customize my blogger default site. It’s been a while not updating my logo I cannot think of the exact design color and the effect of the logo. I guess I’ll just keep it simple and stupid. The text Lintechnology is the name of the blog since it features technology news and other stuff I’m thinking for a simple design like box or circle and adding a text that shows word technology.

Box I made a simple orange  box and add some object that represent an asterisk **

The word Lintechnology with red and dark gray color text. A very simple logo no fancy design and features that’s show how limited my knowledge on CorelDraw. J Practicing an watching video tutorial helps a lot of YouTube Channel are about Corel and Adobe Photoshop tutorial.

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