January 24, 2013

Disable Live Tattoo Pop-Up On Your Google Chrome

Globe Live Tatto - ScriptSafe
I’m a Globe Tattoo user it’s a USB broadband stick powered by Globe Telecom it’s a handy Internet Connection just plug and play as long as Internet Signal is available. Promotion advertisement and pop ups are showing when you are browsing the Internet. Annoying windows below will just show up that will redirect to their website. It’s not fun for me having a small window running in front of the website that you're trying to access. I thought that enabling pop extension of Google Chrome will do the trick but I’m wrong it’s not just a simple host name patter that you can block. I try to get the source of the pop up using

Inspect Element. Please see below.
Disable Globe Live Tattoo

It shows that the source is an Iframe or a Sricpt and I need a special Pop Up Blocker that can detect and block a Iframe. I know that I need help from Google Web Store for the Extension I try to search and add various pop blocker but no success. Almost giving up I try to change my keyword to “Script block” and ScriptSafe extension shows up. The extension will also disable <SCRIPT> <OBJECT> <EMBED> <IFRAME> <APPLET> <AUDIO> and <VIDEO>
ScriptSafe Options

You can try to add the extension on your Google Chrome Browser just look for ScriptSafe developed by Andrew Y. Disabling Live Tattoo Pop up is Easy just install a special the extension and It will keep you from getting annoying pop ups.  Certain website might be blocked but accessing the Option is very easy Just click on the ScriptSafe to show the option.

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