January 23, 2013

Firefox Add On Security?

Firefox Add Ons Security
Computer browser is the Window to your online world it is the road to get information and also a television to showcase information. Add ons is just like an added feature a piece of software that complete a browser. Firefox add ons is just like other popular browser it showcase a feature to have a great browsing experience. Every download and installation on the computer might include a certain add ons that you’re not aware.  It’s a special trick that software developer included during the installation to promote their product. Certain add ons like browser and search engine add ons slows down the connection and

the loading page. Windows Internet Explorer is one of the example that is vulnerable to quick add on installation. The image below is my Internet Explorer almost half of the page was filled with add- on. Facebook link for the add on or software, Antivirus Security Software add ons and Search engine add on from popular like Yahoo and Google to search engine that looks line spammy.

Internet Explorer Add Ons

Here are some tips and that you can do to prevent your browser and secure your browser.
-          When installing a software make sure to check some option like browser Add on installation before clicking on next
-          Check and manage add on and know trusted add
-          Make sure to read some technology news for latest update because trusted add on can be vulnerable to attack. Disable Java to Avoid Malware
Firefox is one of my favorite browser and understanding basic features of the browser can help Firefox add ons become secured.

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