January 27, 2013

Setting Up Mozilla Thunderbird on Gmail

Thunderbird Gmail Setup
Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email application that you can instantly use and have the same functionality like MS. Outlook and other email client. Today I will run a set up on Thunderbird using my Gmail account.
Thunder Bird Version: 14.0 – I think this is the latest one download here

Gmail – free email account you can create your account here:

First thing that you need to check is the account settings or go to Tools> Accounts Settings.
Account Options Add Mail Accounts. Mail Account Set Up will show up contain information like Your Name: Email Address and Password  when done click on Continue.
Thunder Bird Account Set Up GMail

Thunder Bird Account Set Up GMail

Mozilla Thunderbird will automatically scan for server settings and will shows configuration found. Two options below Imap and POP3
IMAP – (remote folders) It’s a settings that will view your email when you set up it on a device or software
POP3 – (keep mail on your computer) a settings that will download the email to your computer.
I set up the Mozilla Thunderbird to POP3 since I have my own computer and no worries to access my email on my phone since I’m not using it. Using an email client is very helpful you can do multiple account set up for GMAIL and Yahoo. 

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