January 28, 2013

CorelDraw Tutorial – Creating Android Logo

Android Logo Corel Tutorial
I have a very simple and popular logo that l created on Corel Draw “ Android” a very popular and well known logo for Smartphone. A Linux based operating system designed for Smartphones it’s an open source and owned by Google. The Android is a cool logo you I've seen Androids dress in occasion like holidays. During Christmas Season Androids are wearing Santa’s hat. A very powerful Icon that dominates the market when it comes to tablet and Smartphone.
Here’s how to create a simple Android Logo.

Create a new Corel Document
Androids Body Corel

You can Import an Android Image to trace
The body is a simple square and using the shape tool to curve the lower part of the Android’s body.
Create the hand and legs using the shape tool. This is a copy and paste trick a very easy design for Android.
Androids Body layout Corel
The head is just like a half circle object using the 2-Point Line tool cut the Circle into half.
The antenna is just a simple line adjusting the thickness to 25 percent and selecting line caps as rounded for the tip.
Androids Finish
The color – The Android has a striking color green. R=141 G=230 B=64  (the close color that I can get)

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