December 25, 2012

How to Recover Files if Computer Crash on HP computer

Computer Crash Hp
Working with a computer is not an easy task especially if you’re a Technical Support. I’m a Level II desktop support for almost 3 years and encountered a lot of issues when it comes to computer not booting up or loading into Windows. Irate customer venting frustration after losing all important files. Although the HP computer has an option back up but it is not guaranteed that all your files will be saved and recover. HP software is not that complicated just like regular OEM they almost have every tool and application you
can use for the computer maintenance. A help and support program for HP computers.  One of the common call driver and main cause of (DSAT) customer dissatisfaction is losing all the files after recovery. As a Level II Technical Support Supervisor it’s my duty to find a solution that makes costumer happy and satisfied. Giving option and explaining to the customer is a difficult task it requires a convincing charm, trust and assurance that I will get the job done.
If the computer is still booting up but not loading into Windows I have a little trick that can help my customer on how to recover files if HP computer crash.

Method One:

 Using the HP system recovery tools – F11 on most HP computer there is an option for Backup and Restore using a DVD disc or a backup drive but make sure to remove the drive and disc if the Computer is on the System Recovery State. (On boot up press F11 to access the HP recovery manager)

Method Two:

Notepad trick for System Recovery – When loading to System Recovery F11 press CTRL + D a Microsoft note pad will show up. Just like regular windows interface you can navigate to Windows system files and folder. Once you got the files that you want right click and send it to the Flash Drive.

Method Three:

Just a simple method do a regular back up of your computer. No need for software to back up your files a simple copy and paste of your important pictures and documents is a big help. Practice this method to avoid losing files. It’s a computer a hardware and software we don’t have any idea when will our system will crash but we have the time to back up our important files. It’s the most effective method on how to recover files if HP computer crash.


  1. Thank you for sharing this post. It was very helpful and informative. If you own a business and are not tech savvy it is important to have disaster recovery services in case of an emergency. The last thing a business needs is to lose all of it's files or have it's networks crash.

  2. that's correct Jake. Files is very important on running a business