December 24, 2012

Wireless Network Password Suggestion and Tips

In the recent article Setting upWireless Security Password - Avoid getting Hacked I discussed how I managed to get into my friend wireless network. Now I have wireless network password suggestion and tips for you to set up. Common user will use a password like name, birthday, phone numbers and name initials words that can be spelled easily.  In this article I will show you some suggestion and tips for your wireless security key. I asked some of my friends about their wireless security key and they do have

common answers name or number. Well, I guess it’s much easier to remember and spell “naruto69” unlike “adiaphorous%12”. The more complex the password the more secured it is. Here are some words you can use.

ACRIMONIOUS means angry and bitter.
GLOGG a hot spiced wine and liquor.
POINSETTIA a symbol of Christmas Season.
DEBAUCHERY extreme indulgence in sensuality.

You can always look at a dictionary for reference Merriam-Webster dictionary is my choice. Adding special characters and number to the word makes it more secured. The poinsettia can be Poinsetta@1225. Just use letter and number combination on setting up a password special character is required. The only issue you might encounter is remembering the password. Here are some tips you can do to remember the password. Put a sticky note on your desktop computer no one will ever know that it’s a wireless password. The living room is a good place to post your password write it down to note and post it. The purpose of this is if someone will ask you about the password and you allow the person to connect you don’t need to spell the security key.

Setting up a wireless security password is important it protects your network, privacy and connection.  Don’t let your connection be a free Wifi spots.

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