December 29, 2012

The Directory Name C:\ Users - Removing Pop up Message

The Directory dialog pop up
A start up process in Windows requires program loading up but while I load my sister’s computer it shows a message in a dialog box. The Directory Name:C\Users\Name\Local Settings\Application\Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default is invalid. The exact message is shown on the screenshot. The pop up message is pretty interesting because there is no Google Chrome installed on the system and Local Settings is a hidden system files on Windows.

For Windows OS troubleshooting startup messages are easy if you know how to use the MSCONFIG.EXE and disable startup that will do the trick. Disabling start up item will prevent the program to load but it will not cure the system because there might be another program still running. The first thing I did is disabling the start up. Here’s How

Method 1:
Start Search > type MSCONFIG > go to start up tab and disable all – (for troubleshooting only disable all start up)
Reboot the computer  but same dialog window on the start up.

Method 2:
It’s not the start up item since all of the programs are disabled. I look for other program running during start up and it Windows Services
Start Search> type MSCONFIG > go to Services Tab and click hide all Microsoft Services > The windows will show all the services or program not related to Microsoft. I disable all the program and confident that this would do that trick but I’m wrong.

Method 3:
Disabling the Microsoft services resolved the issue but hundred of services are running and it will affect the system. The next step is isolation on each service and enabling start up tab, non Microsoft services to make sure that this will not affect the resolution. I call the method first five enable disable until I finally isolate the exact services that’s causing the problem. Windows Event Log the services that are causing The Directory Name C:\Users...
System Configuration - The Directory

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