December 28, 2012

Google Chrome Task Manager Looks Like Windows

Google Chrome Task Manager
A browser is a powerful software and with this you can surf, download watch video online. Three browser are installed on my Windows Starter OS. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Every browser system has its own bookmarks and web page that’s the reason why I use different browser Let’s check how Google Chrome Task Manager works.

If your familiar with Windows Operating system I’m sure that when the system stop responding you hit on
CTRL + ALT then DEL, press on end task to kill the process. The Task Manager is a useful program to monitor the memory usage on the computer the more application or program that is open the more memory are being used. The tool can kill or end the process in an instant Windows can also show if the program is still responding. The application is useful when system hangs or just looking for the memory usage. Google Chrome has it. Just like windows task manager you can see CPU, Memory and Network usage. The task manager also shows the plug in or extension you can now view what application are using a lot of memory. If you want to access the manager just click on tools View Background pages.
Windows task Manager

A link on the bottom left corner shows stats for nerd. It’s all about Google Chrome Memory and a summary of all active browsers. You don’t need to be a nerd to understand what’s on the page. Basic information is on it, no math or programming codes are on the page. It’s also a helpful page when looking for some data. Processes frame shows Google Chrome memory usage like flash player plug in and extension. As you can see on the details above enabling the basic extension and plug in would not affect browsing experience. Make sure that any plug in or extension that you enabled on the browser are trusted to prevent from spyware or pop ups on the browser. Google Chrome Task Manager is a very useful application

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