November 17, 2012

Teenager invents Summly App for Iphone


A 17-years-old Australian teenager invented an application called Summly. Nick D'Aloisio is programming since he was 12 years-old learning the basic C language , reading reference books and watching online courses available. His fascination with the language and programming lead him to create and develop an application.He develops an app that will show a summary or synopsis of search result. He got the idea when Nick is doing a Google search
for his history class clicking in and out of the search result consume amounts of time and the process quite inefficient . After 12 Months and building partnership with Stanford University in Silicon Valley the app will build a coherent paragraph or text that doesn't exist in the original article.

"We have basically the same length of content, right? You know, two, three sentences but in a really nice summarized and coherent fashion"; - according to Nick D' Aloisio

Download the free app on your mobile device at

You can get the full story/interview on

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