December 7, 2012

What's new with iOS6

iOS6 experience

The top feature of the new OS is Maps it offers turn by turn navigation and guided by Siri. Maps are attractive and easy to read. Directions are large and clear. Another feature for SMS and call is when someone is calling you and cannot answer the phone you can now "Reply with text message "or "Remind later" and reminder can be based on where you are. It also provide do not disturb mode if you're in a meeting and no one can call you. But you can set allow calls from certain person

Mail App has a feature called the VIP which is similar to gmail Inbox. Siri gets smarter on iOS6 Siri knows now about sports , Check a movie trailer added variety of languages. When it comes to social networking iOS6 integrates Facebook application on your device and share whatever you want to share. Privacy setting is also improved with this new OS you can allow to see the app and what kind of data are being accessed on your phone. The camera application has a sweeping panorama mode

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