December 31, 2012

Numeric Keypad on Linux Not Working

Keyboard not Working Linux
I’m working as a Technical Support Representative for one of the largest Internet service providers in Australia. Most of our computer station runs on Linux and this morning I encounter an issue with my keyboard and numeric Keypad on Linux is not Working. I’m familiar with Windows OS and properties but this operating system is on admin account and I only have limited privilege to change and check the settings. Here are the details of the Operating System.

Release 10 (Cambridge)
Kernel Linux 117.fc101686
Memory 2.0GB
Processor 0: Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU E5800 @ 3.20 Ghz
Processor 1: Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU E5800 @ 3.20 Ghz

The keyword numeric is working perfectly fine when logging in to the desktop. I assume that it’s not a hardware failure since its working outside the desktop. The next thing that I check is the NUM lock key making sure that the light is on. The light is on but when pressing the key it just move the pointer or cursor up and down. The step that I did is for troubleshooting for hardware failure and I’m pretty confident that it's more on a software problem or settings on Linux OS
I play around with the numeric pads and try rebooting the computer multiple times but still cannot get the numeric keypad working. My shift almost over and I try again to troubleshoot my keyboard playing around with a keyboard combination like SHIFT and plus sign or minus sign. I even try to press all the button on the keypad but the cursor just moves up or down when I press eight or two keys. Tired taking in calls and trying to figure out how this numeric Keypad on Linux is not Working. I decided to give it another try I press SHIFT and NumLock and it works. Numeric keys are all working what a relief been thinking on how to resolve my own keyboard problem.

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