January 20, 2013

Sony Flash Disk Micro Vault Click 8GB

Sony Flash Drive Micro Vault
I was in the mall this morning looking for a portable hardrive that I can use to store my movies and files. Checking every gadget store is not easy you can find items that interest you and might get tempted to buy a gadget that you don’t really need. Walking and looking for a good price and deals I came across with this popular store in the Philippines CD-R king. Items are affordable and almost new gadgets released on the market CDR-king has it. It started as CD store and expanded to gadgets and technology store. CDR-king vision
"Our vision is to provide every Filipino with the latest technology at an
affordable price."
The prices are affordable from regular CD, LCD TV, cell phones , tablet. USB accessories and USB flash disk. It’s an all in one store that caters all most everything about technology and gadget. People will judge the product since its cheap but some of the products have a brand name like this Sony Flash Disk Micro Vault Click 8GB. An 8GB drive and from Sony not just regular CDR-king drive brand. It has a very professional look and design.
Micro Vault USB flash drive enables easy sharing and storage of your data Interface
Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0)
Operating System
Windows 7, Windows Vista,Windows XP (SP3 or later), Mac OS X 10.1~10.7
Like any other CDR-King product it has a 6 months warranty period and 1 week replacement period. I got this disk drive for only 260.00 pesos I was not able to buy an external disk but I got a good deal with this drive.

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