January 18, 2013

Critical Strike Portable - Counter Strike on Google Chrome

Counter Strike portable
One of my favorite games is back Counter Strike Online and on Google Chrome. This is the first game that I master when I was in High School every Saturday I play the LAN game together with my classmate. Counter Strike is a very enjoyable no instance that the computer shop is silent because everybody is shouting. A thrill to be on top killing everybody and finding or defusing a bomb. The online game is not that popular during that time and CS players and tournament are held every Sunday. Playing Counter Strike alone is very boring although you can add a BOT to play against them but the level and difficulty is not

enough if you’re a hardcore CS gamer. Google Chrome brings the game back to life no need to install a complete game no serial keys are required. The application is very fun having the exact Counter Strike Logo and installing just one software to play it online.  The game is hosted on gamflare.com and downloading a unity webplayer is the only add ons for the game.
CS portable game control – Just like CounterStrike pc version similar keys are used play Counter Strike for Free.
Control : mouse, movement – W A S D jump- spacebar R-reload 1234 – primary, secondary gun, knife  and bombs.
Multiplayer game is also available and competing with other CS fanatic is possible. Just register your desired username password and an email. Four servers are available  Europe USA Asia and Japan .
Maps – most of the maps are alike with CS my personal favorite are De_Dust, Death Match and C4.

Trying to compete with CS addicts and with 15mins on game time I only kill one person. Need to practice first on single player since CS portable can also ad BOTS. Google Chrome games application is very exciting it brings back the first time you enjoy playing Classic Games.

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