January 17, 2013

Creating a Contact Page on Blogspot

Contact Us form Blogspot
A website or a blog is not complete without a contact page. A page that you can send feedback and get in touch with your readers or follower. It requires basic information like name, email address and comment or feedback. The contact page is one of the page I look for on a website there are a lot of design and information that you can glimpse like Maps – Using GoogleMaps. Contact Information, Business address Phone, Mobile and Fax numbers it can also include an owner or CEO of the company. Having an attractive contact page is very helpful readers can just post a comment and get feedback from your website.

One this website I created a contact page using Google DriveForm. Since Google Drive and Blogspot is from Google I incorporate the form as my Contact Page. Here’s how.
Adding Contact Page on Blogspot

Log in to Google Drive Account Click on CREATE form – Basic form as shown on the screenshot is generated. Just like ordinary forms you can add and modify the Title and body of the form. Using the add, duplicate and delete button this tool will help you transform your form and build an attractive Contact Page
Loading a theme is simple – The theme is a page where you can select the most suitable design and color for your blog or website. It has a pre generated labels and answer form all you need to do is pick the desired theme.
Adding to a website or blogspot
Adding the form to a website is very easy just copy and paste the code. It will use Iframe a properties for HTML (Click on More Actions and Embed – Code will show and paste it on your blog or website) Blogspot user can create a page and on the editor click on HTML. Paste the code: sample generated code

 <iframe src="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dHBTTjZsN013ZWJFQmVrWTV3SzlGMkE6MQ" width="760" height="531" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>

Make a necessary adjustment for your form adjusting the height and width to blend on your website theme. Creating a contact page on blogspot using Google Drive form is very easy follow the steps and expect some messages.


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