January 8, 2013

Google Maps for Chrome

Google Maps For Chrome
Chrome web store is a place for free download application for Google Chrome. One of the useful application that I have on my browser is Google Maps although you can visit Google maps website anytime you want but this application is integrated with the browser and since I  travel a lot Google Maps on the computer very helpful.

Here is how  to add Google Maps for Chrome:
Click on Add to add the maps as a shortcut or a bookmarks.

Adding Maps To ChromeExperience MapsGL on Google Map? I was wondering what the hell is MapsGL and what is the difference of regular maps to MapGL. According to Google MapsGL is using a technology called WebGL (Web-Based Graphics Library). A very technical term but In what I understand making the map more realistic, having a 3D views and zooming in and out without installing or adding software on the computer. The new feature need certain requirements to run MapGL.

First you need a browser latest version (Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari). Video Card that support GPU with Direct X 9.0c  For Windows machines, must have drivers published later than January 1, 2009.
Google is currently leading when it comes to creating a maps and exploring the world. Touring all over the world can be done right in front you the computer. 

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