January 16, 2013

Classic Games for Google Chrome

Google Chrome Classic Games
Browsing again in Google Chrome Web store I noticed a very familiar Icon it’s a joystick and labelled as Classic Games. Not knowing what’s on the application but the word Classic Games for Google Chrome tells it all. Games like Bomber man, Pac Man, Metal Slug, Super Mario and Contra are on my top list of classic games. I’m in fourth or fifth grade when I first played Contra wars on Gameboy that is the most popular games during that time. The objective is to pass all the level with an action battle adventure every round. The controls are

simple jump, walk run and fire the enemy. Gameboy and family computer are the most popular console that time. Then came Playstation and personal computers for Sony Play station I have the complete set of Metal Slug and on my computer I have Mortal Combat. Mortal Combat is a popular computer that my classmate almost master all the fatality of each character.  Finish him! Is the time when you have a chance to create a combo or fatality on your character. The game is so addicting that after class I try to sneak just to play computer games.

The Classic Games for Chrome is one of my best apps. It’s the application that brings birth to the latest gaming console and game development. Simple games like Pac-Man eating coins to more complex games on Playstation1 using a disc to play. Computer games or PC games are also giving us the best gaming experience. High computer specifications are needed to have a great game play. Thinking that all games start with the classic games every generation will sense that all High end computer, High definition videos and games start from classic a very pixelated graphics and easy to control character. Check Google Chrome Web store for Classic Games.

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