January 13, 2013

Is it a Tablet or a Table PC?

Table PC Lenovo
Watching one of my favorite channels on Technology News I was surprised with a new device. It’s a tablet but not your regular tablet. It's a big, and massive tablet . Lenovo is the company who is creating massive tablets It has the same functionality as a regular tablet but it has a jumbo size screen 20 inch to 27 inches. A regular tablet has a screen of 10 inches and imagine double the size of you iPad and you'll get a massive tablet.
The screen looks like a flat television that you could carry around for business presentation. It might

actually replace projectors because of the screen size. Kids will love the screen size for gaming. Playing a game that needs two players is possible and you won’t worry about the space Ice hockey is one of the popular game when it comes to two players. The news did not mention the weight of the tablet but carrying a massive size screen might get your arms tired and worry about dropping it. People right now want small, compact easy to carry gadgets although massive tablets are invented for business, family or games still the tablet will be out of the market and gadget lovers will definitely grab and try this massive tablets from Lenovo.

The technology improves every day from regular phones, to Smartphones. Desktop Computers to Laptop and now Tablet PC. Every year people are creating ways on how to improve our lives. Simple technology evolves on to a complex and more sophisticated inventions. Inventions that just not change our way of living but also shape our futures. A future that our kids will enjoy and let’s hope that this tablet or tablet PC will open up to new greater inventions and new idea on technology. As I said nothing is impossible right now when it comes to technology.

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