January 12, 2013

Setting up Netcomm Modem for TPG

Setting up Netcomm Modem
My cousin from Australia send me an email asking for help configuring his modem. He said that his son accidentally press the reset button and now they're lost. He said that since I am a technical support I can configure the modem in an instance. I told him that the modem is configured by ISP provider and he should call TPG. TPG is one of Internet Service Provider from Australia. He signed up for Unlimited Internet and phone bundle for $59.99 per month. I asked him if he remembers configuring the modem before he said “No” – Okay configuring the modem is easy if you do have a setting from TPG or ISP. He said that he just connects

the modem to the socket and it works now he doesn’t know how to put the settings back. I know Netcomm modem is using gateway but ISP settings need to be verify.
Netcomm Wireless Screen N300

I told him to log in to Netcomm Modem Router - NB604N. Basic setup is visible I told him to check the option and its asking for a PPP username and PPP password. He type his TPG username and password and he said after the modem restart he is connected. Now that’s an easy set up but I told him to check advanced setting for TPG connection:
He said that under advanced set up a lot of option shows up I told him to check WAN and edit the WAN configuration

Netcomm Wireless Screen N300 WAN

Settings Follow:
Connection type: PPPoE/LLC
VPI: 8 VCI: 35
IP and DNS set automatically by ISP

I said that another modem should also have these settings since it’s a PPPoE connection. He said that right now he already screenshot the setting of the modem for the settings and he also reminds his son not to reset the modem. Setting Up Modem for TPG is easy although for better assistance I recommend to call their Technical Support

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