January 21, 2013

End Of The World May 15 2013? Facebook

Facebook Dooms Day May 15
Forget the hype of the December 21 2012 End Of The World. The Mayan Calendar and prediction of doomsday, planetary alignment and natural disaster that could end the human race. New prediction is out but not pertaining to our planet It's about the top social networking site Facebook. The Largest Social Networking site was Launched 2004 and over billion of registered user it continues to grow every year as it build a good status to user. Facebook is currently number 1 in Alexa ahead the giant search engine Google. In Just seven years it reached every internet user with share like and comment on a picture video or event.

But what it Facebook ends on May 15 2013? – Do you believe in this prediction? Is that possible to happen? What are you going to do? I read an article on Facebook gonna end this May 15 and at first I thought that it’s just a promotional page wants to get many visitor. Here’s the site: 

Now it’s January 2013 four months from now and no more login, post status, like and comments If Facebook shuts down it would be the end of the World for more than 1 billion users. The user would protest and possibly file a complaint that’s how Facebook affects our everyday lives. In my opinion the post could be a hoax but will never know till it hit the date. Let’s just enjoy posting, liking and sharing what’s hot on Facebook will never know that it could be your last log in.

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