January 2, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial – Uchicha Clan Emblem

Uchicha Corel Draw Tutorial
Watching one of my favorite Anime Naruto – Naruto Shippudden I noticed different design or logo for each character or clan. The famous of all is the Uchicha Clan who vanished and only two brothers survived. Sasuke and Itachi, The clan was killed by Itachi and he was called a rouge ninja only his younger brother survived who witnessed how his brother killed his own parents. Sasuke seek for revenge and killing his own brother Itachi but in the end Sasuke knows the truth and seeking to crush their village Konoha. The Clan has a special emblem

at the back a red white and blue fan a very simple design to represent power although the Clan vanished but if you're from Uchiha you'll expect to have an eye power. Power to control and battle using illusion or your eyes. Its symbolizes fan because of the Uchicha element is fire adding wind to a fire will create and make the fire much powerful.

I’m fascinated with the design and I created my own emblem for Uchicha Clan Emblem using Corel Draw. Here’s How:

Create a document from Corel and on the first layer create a circle object.
 Overlapping Circle shown on the image above.

Corel Draw Tut - Uchicha

The fan handle just create an rectangular object and put it on the center
Smart fill tool will color the object Red and White.

Uchicha Fan - Corel Draw

The Virtual Segment Delete Tool will remove the unnecessary lines on the drawing.
The Fill tool will separate all the object moved the white fan border down to create a space.
Uchicha Fan - Corel Draw

Most of the Uchica Charcter wears dark blue coat and the emblem at the back signifies that you are from the clan. Their eye represent a special Jutsu than can be transferred to a single person and can gain the same power as an Uchicha. 

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