January 31, 2013

Creating a Wireless Network HotSpot Icon – CorelDraw Turorial

Wireless Icon Tutorial Corel
This is a popular and well known icon or graphics a Wifi hotspot. If you’re in a mall, coffee shops or any establishment which is wifi ready you’ll see this familiar icon. Now after creating Google Chrome Icon using Corel Tutorial and Microsoft Logo Corel Tutorial I’m going to create a customize Wifi Icon or Creating a Wireless Network HotSpot Icon – CorelDraw Turorial. 

Create a new Corel Document.

Set the Layer1 to and name it as Layout
Wireless Icon Tutorial

Create five circle and align it as shown above. – This will be  the wireless signal. Using the ruler drag it to the layer to create an X at the middle.
Using the Virtual Segment Tool Delete the unnecessary lines to create a signal. Smart Fill tool will Fill the color of the Signal. Select Blue and Grey
Wireless Icon Color

Add another layer name it as Text – This will be the layer for Text and other slogan that you want to put.
Check the finish layout for the sample LOGO

It’s a simple logo for wireless icon you can customize and use a different color. The logo shows a wireless signal very common on every hotspot and the word WIFI. This turorial is created using CorelDraw 

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