February 1, 2013

Quick Note for Google Chrome

Quick Note for Chrome
I’m a busy person I have my day job and working various part time job Online. I track my schedule before using the Microsoft Excel creating a calendar like spread sheet to see my daily task . This morning while browsing the Google Store I check the application called Quick Note – A post it note for Google Chrome the design is like your regular post it note for Apple and you can save or connect online at Diijo.com. The Quick post it note is very easy to use click on the post it sign to add the notes and on the header you can modify to add a title. Right hand corner will show the previous notes and using. If you want to delete a note

there is a recycle icon on the top. Settings option will show you the log on interface for Diijo Online it’s a cloud based storage for Quick Note and can be accessed anytime on your phones or computer. Dijjo save bookmarks, archive and annotate WebPages save notes, images and screenshots there is also an app for android and Iphone and Ipad. I still have my MS excel data on me since its has bookmarks and web address for my online job. 

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